Rebate ends, few property tax defaulters come forward to pay dues

The last day for availing 10% rebate on previous years’ property tax dues ended on Tuesday. Now the defaulters will have to pay the entire amount.

The officials claimed that response was quite low as people were expecting relaxation as given in water supply dues. However, the officials said they were told to tackle the defaulters politely as it is an election year and no strict action should be taken.

At some of the suvidha centres, one or two persons were seen making the one-time payment. Officials said 1,313 people filed their returns and Rs 44.35 lakh property tax amount was recovered on Tuesday. From Zone D, maximum 467 returns were filed and Rs 25.93 lakh recovered, while from zones A, B and C Rs 5.57 lakh, Rs 6.13 lakh and Rs 6.7 lakh were recovered from 337, 298 and 211 persons, respectively.